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Attica Hydraulic Exchange, Inc.

Mail To Address: 48175 Gratiot Ave. Chesterfield, MI. 48051
Ship To Address: 47995 Gratiot Ave. Dock #3 Chesterfield, MI. 48051
Toll Free: 800.422.4279
Phone: 586.949.4240
Fax: 586.949.5302

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To order, simply contact us however you prefer; the contact form on this page, call us or email us. We have people ready to assist you however you choose to contact us.

If you're a new customer, and wish to setup an account with credit, that can be done through a simplified credit application process.

Print our online Credit Application Form and fill in the requested information. Then simply fax it to 586.949.5302 or email it back to us at