Servo and Proportional Valve Repair

Servo and Proportional Valve Repairs on Industrial Applications

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the highest quality repair possible. That is never more evident than in our commitment to quality in our Servo & Proportional Valve repair lab. This environmentally controlled lab is equipped with test stands built specifically for servo & proportional valves and calibrated with NIST standards, specifically for testing servo and proportional valves. Furthermore, our expert technicians are factory authorized and trained, ensuring you are indeed, getting a top-of-the-line repair in the shortest possible timeframe.

We provide expert servo and proportional valve repairs on Vickers, Moog, Schenck Pegasus, Bosch/Rexroth, Abex, Atchley, Atos, Dyval, MTS, HR Textron, Hydrolux, Parker & more.

When it comes to servo and proportional valve repair, our unmatched technical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment make us your one-stop shop. That coupled with our knowledge base, gives you an option for an efficient high quality repair, greatly minimizing downtime.

  • Expertly trained and experienced technicians
  • FREE quotes for repairs
  • Service most all servo & proportional valve manufacturers
  • Provide stand alone amplifier and onboard electronic repair
  • Quick turnaround, minimizing downtime
  • In-house dynamic performance testing capabilities
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty

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Servo & Proportional Valve Repair Services at Attica
Servo & Proportional Valve Repair Services at Attica

A Commitment to Providing Quality and Options

  • We provide support for most major manufacturers of servo valves like: Abex, Atchley, Bosch/Rexroth, Dyval, HR Textron, Moog, MTS, Oilgear, Parker, Pegasus and Vickers.
  • Our support of proportional valves is extensive as well: Atos, Bosch/Rexroth, Denison, Hydrolux, Moog, Parker, Sundstrand, Uchida and Vickers.
  • Every unit is evaluated by running a complete hydraulic performance test: hysteresis, threshold, response, leakage, symmetry and linearity.
  • Proportional valves are tested with the original OEM amplifiers.
  • Valve is disassembled into individual parts and torque motor is dismantled down to wires and magnets.
  • All parts are inspected and checked to ensure they are within manufacturer’s tolerances and specifications.
  • Failed parts are replaced with original manufacturer components.
  • Coils are tested for proper power consumption.
  • LVDT’s are fully tested and flow or pressure calibrated.
  • Body spool assembly is inspected for wear and metering edges are restored to new condition.
  • Soft goods and filters are always replaced.
  • All valves are 100% load tested on in-house test stands specifically designed for their applications and set to OEM specifications before they leave any of our facilities.

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